2016 One Act Weekend

June 3-5, 2016
Produced by Jim Johnson.

Fairy Grandfathers by R. James Faurote

Directed by Adriane Falcon — Starring Bob Andrews, Taylor Fields, Bil Mitchell, & Katie Owens

A young man brings his new fiancé to meet his two grandfathers.

Elephants by Jordan Elizabeth Henry

Directed by Sam Burke — Starring Casey Adam, Maggie Gamson & Victoria Woodard

With the aid of her vivid imagination, Sue holds a special communion with her absent mother.

Haywire by Matthew McLachlan

Directed by Hippie Griswold — Starring Deena Hayes & Joshua Rogers

Erica and Allan struggle to find a middle ground in their battle between head and the heart.

Fall and Rise by Joe Gulla

Directed by R. James Faurote — Starring Daniel Allmond & Megan Morales-Correa

A Catholic Priest parachutes (by accident!) into an outdoor gay dance party when his plane explodes!

A Long Trip by Dan McGeehan

An elderly man tries to connect with his wife one last time before he loses her to dementia.

Directed by Alicia Spiegel — Starring Casey Adam, Daniel Allmond, Bob Andrews, & Petra Sussman

Reflections by Jonathan Cook

Directed by Erica Garraffa — Starring John Hooper, Jeff Lukas, & Ashley Kix

After the bizarre disappearance of their daughter, a man and woman are assigned to a grief counselor.

Then Paupers Would Ride by Scott Gibson

Directed by Georgia Kosloski — Starring Skylar Jay & Jak Kickliter

A blossoming summer camp friendship transforms itself into a stalker relationship.

Duo by Steven D. Miller

Directed by Jesse Hutson — Starring Eric Misener & John Watson

A new vaudeville team combines physical comedy and stale jokes