May 19-21. 2017
Produced by Adriane Falcon

8 original never-before-seen-in-Florida short plays.

After The Darkness by Joe Starzyk
Directed by Felipe Olivero

Sydney Dunbar’s son has been murdered. In trying to find a way to move forward with her life, she confronts the murderer. Can she find a path to forgiveness while staring into the face of evil?


Ronald – Daniel Allmond
Sydney – Monique Brown
Guard – Ryan McLaughlin

Critical: A 10- Minute Comedy by Phil Darg
Directed by Kidany Camilo

A witty and expressive married couple critique and enact selections from a 10-minute play festival.


Ashley – Emma Richardson
Brad – Levi Harris

22nd Century Digital Boy by Jared Mallard
Directed by Constantine Kyriakou

A poignant look into technological dependence to the utmost!


Genesis – Hillary Lusignan
Sven – James Dillard
Amber – Chelsie Smith
Disgusting Man – Thomas Pahl

Trapped Like a You Know What by Jared Strange
Directed by Josh Eberhart

“Trapped Like a You Know What” is the story of Bertie, a rat, who is trying to convince Sam, another rat, to go along with his hunger strike as part of a plan to escape from their cage.  Problem is, there’s cheese in the cage.


Sam – Hillary Lusignan
Bertie – Emma Richardson

What’s a Little Axe Between Friends by Joe Starzyk
Directed by Zach Wayson

Even though he is scheduled for execution a prisoner finds friendship in a most unlikely place, and with a most unlikely person.


Executioner – Thomas Pahl
Prisoner – TBA

Of Mice and Marines by John Yunker
Directed by Autumn Pandolfo

What happens when an endangered species is discovered on a battleground? Inspired by the true story of the Pacific Pocket Mouse.


Sergeant Briles – Erik Schepman
Ms. Kovach – Syria Lomack
Lieutenant Cotton – Daniel Allmond

Conflict/ Resolution by Evan Baughfman
Directed by  Meagan Morales-Correa

Rivals Conflict and Resolution reunite after a long time apart, and, as usual, they debate about who is better for society. However, this time, only one of them will survive the confrontation.


Conflict – Isabelle Austin
Resolution – Victoria Richards by Seth Freeman
Directed by David Fraga

An intimate encounter generates some unsolicited reflection on the experience.


Bob – Erik Schepman
Lois – Paola Miranda