The Miracle Worker

January 12-February 3, 2018

Written by William Gibson

The Miracle Worker is based on the stories told by Helen Keller about her life. When she was one and a half years old, Keller suffered an illness that left her without the ability to hear or see. The sudden change in her physical state created many problems at home. None of her family knew how to deal with her. She became very accustomed to having her own way at an early age. In desperation, her parents finally hire Anne Sullivan to teach her. Adding to the uniqueness of the situation, Sullivan is also blind. It is through Sullivan that Keller learns to function in a more socially accepted manner. It takes many years to reach that point.


Kenneth C. Grace as Captain Keller
Tynan C Pruett as Kate Keller
Maverick Gagliano as James Keller
Kaedin Cammareri as Helen Keller
Patricia Coyle as Aunt Ev
Autumn Pandolfo as Annie Sullivan
Brenda Adams as Viney
Ron Pandolfo as The Doctor
Jai Love Garriga as Martha