Like- Oh. My. God. You totally want to, like, join us on November 15th for, like, a totally tubuler good time at The Epicenter Event Venue for a night that will take you back to the 80’s -like not be grody to the max at all! This interactive murder mystery dinner, performed by CWP veteran actors, is so much fun, it will knock your leg warmers right off.

The 1984 graduating class of Denton High School has gathered for their 30th Class Reunion, but fate has some weird science in store for these gnarly 80’s dudes and chicks when Dr. Bodacious, the school’s former chemistry teacher, accidentally sends the entire class back in time to the year of their graduation! Old romances and rivalries flare up fast, and like, somebody, is, like, totally going to kick the bucket! It’s going to be totally killer!

Tickets are $40 and includes:
Buffet style dinner
Cash bar available