One Act Weekend

May 18-20, 2018

A Simple Question by Michael G. Wilmont
Directed by Israel Rivera

Chasing the Dragon by Joe Starzyk
Directed by Ronni Moses

The Quick Start Guide to Booting Your Man-Bot by Phil Darg
Directed by David Collins

Don’t Call Me Cupid by Jonathan Cook
Directed by Crystal Marie

Meeting Acute by Chuck Smith
Directed by Thomas Pahl

Shoelaces by Elisabeth Griffin Speckman
Directed by Chris McDermott

The Third Person by Dan Borengasser
Directed by William Chamblee


****A Simple Question****
Ann – Maya Quinones
George – Austin Figueroa

****Chasing the Dragon****
Amy – Kimberly Schwartz
Martin – John Cammareri
Officer – Brian McCreight

****The Quick Start Guide to Booting Your Man-Bot****
Amy – Suzy Duic
Man-Bot – Devin Hughes
Repairman – Josh Cagle

****Don’t Call Me Cupid****
Katheryn – Cheyna Alexander
Paige – Alexa Sheppard
Eros aka Cupid – Hippie Griswold
Travis – Dan Allmond

****Meeting Acute****
Bob – Dan Allmond
Jen – Karen Tepfenhart
Rachel – Sasha Beers

Jake – Josh Cagle
Kelly – Kaedin Cammareri

****The Third Person****
Karen – Becki Mallett
Man – John Cammareri

Sharon Price
Katie Owens
Bethani Imhoff