kid created. adult performed.

April 6-8, 2018
Directed by Tracy Stemm-Crews | Youth Director Piper Grace
Produced by Penni Willen, Deb Kelley, Alicia Spiegel, Leanne Ferguson, Marc Blander

Judges: Luana Mitten, Matthew Belopavlovich, Jennifer Russell, and Youth Judge: Maggie Gamson

Carrollwood Players Theatre invited budding young playwrights to submit new, original short plays for our third annual youth playwriting challenge. KIDSPEAK brings the imagination of children to life as eight short plays receive their world premiere with a cast of adult actors in the CWP Black Box.


Tiffany Cline
Suzy Duic
Alexa Sheppard
Lisa Yambo
William Chamblee
Kenneth Grace
Jim Moss
Brent Walker



Tale as Old as Time

Play summary: An elderly married couple are not talking to each other anymore. Will Agatha and Arnold ever find love again?

Nyonyose V.
Age 12

Nyonyose was born on March 11, 2005. She lives with her mom, dad, and several siblings in a house with several farm animals. She enjoys cooking, reading books every day, helping out others, taking care of animals, and learning new things!

The Surreal Change

Play summary: This play is about a sixteen year old girl named Kehlani Brown who starts to see that her mom emabarasses her a lot. And her mom embarasses her at school after swimming practice and Kehlani gets mad and wishes things that will change. But she should be careful what she wishes for!

Gabrielle O.
Age 12

Gabrielle Odolphe is a twin, and was born in Tampa, FL. She is very kind and is a good writer. Gabrielle is enjoying this Kidspeak adventure.

Through the Trees

Play summary: The play is about how three friends go on a camping trip and learn that fights can bring people closer together.

Tori M.
Age 13

Tori Mack was born in 2005 and lives with her mother, father and little brother. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and writing. Tori REALLY LOVES to read Harry Potter stories and writing poems. She also likes to spend time with her family.

Wizardy Wars

Play summary: Witches and vampires hide within the crowds of humans. Young witches Jane and Alexandria go past the love of power to unlock the mystery of who will have the throne of magic.

Mykhia P.
Age 12

Mykhia was born in Tampa, Florida, and at the age of nine she found her love for reading and her vivid imagination for creating her own stories.Without her open mind for any genre of books and old movies, she wouldn’t be the geek she is today. Now at the age of twelve, Mykhia sits in her room reading novels by James Patterson and binge watching anime for an inspiration to type up on her wattpad account.

Meet the Toddlers

Play summary: This is the story of the couple Chloe White and Christopher (Chris) Smith meeting Chloe’s parents for the first time.

Madison L.
Age 12

Madison is a seventh grader. She loves to write poetry, stories, and essays at school and she loves to perform in musical theatre. Recently, she has performed in Godspell Jr. at school, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Jr. as Mitch Mahoney at school, and A Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim at Carrollwood Players. Writing plays is the best of both world’s for her! She recently competed in a Drama Forensics competition where she earned first place in the category “Impromptu”. Also, She competed in the Junior Florida State Thespian competition and earned a ‘Superior’ (the highest rank) in all three of her pieces. Madison hopes you enjoy the show!

Ally’s Destiny to Ride

Play summary: Ally lives on a farm with her dad Harold and her stepmom Charlotte, whom she hates. What kind of family problems will they face? Will Ally learn to like Charlotte?

Charity M.
Age 12

Charity was born in Tampa, Florida. She loves to read,write,and tell stories. She enjoys hanging with friends and trying new things, helping and making people smile all the time. She wants to be a veterinarian and an actress when she grows up. She also wants her own charity called Charities by Charity.

Just Too Late

Play summary: The play is about two sisters and trust. The older sister has asked her little sister to cover for her while she’s at a party. The older sister comes home late. How will the little sister cover for her now?

Kyla M.
Age 12

Kyla is a seventh grade girl who was born on July 12th, 2005. She enjoys writing poems and short stories. She also enjoys making funny and wacky stories. She lives with her two brothers and her mom.

Pancakes VS Waffles: The Ultimate Battle

Play summary: The play is about two sisters who have a quarrel about the ultimate breakfast food between pancakes and waffles. After asking their friends, they try to come to a solution to find out which is better, but do they?

Destiny G.
Age 12

Destiny is a 12 year old girl who is in the 7th grade.She enjoys reading novels and English is her favorite subject.She is the eldest of three siblings and owns a baby duck and two fish. She loves helping others and is very pleased to have written a play for the Carrollwood Players Theater.