kid created. adult performed.

April 2-3, 2016
Directed by Leo Salerno | Produced by Deb Kelley

Carrollwood Players Theatre invited budding young playwrights to submit new, original short plays for our first youth playwriting challenge. KIDSPEAK brings the imagination of children to life as eight short plays receive their world premiere with a cast of adult actors in the CWP Black Box.

Your vote counts!  One young playwright will be announced as the winner at the close of last performance, based upon audience and judges’ vote and will receive a trophy. All others will receive a certificate of merit.

Congratulations to the following young playwrights from Hillel Academy of Tampa, Branchburg Middle School and Academy Prep Center of Tampa!

The Three Wandering Friends – Sitar Ben-Herut, 9 ½, 4th grade
1 girl, 2 animals, and a big world beyond their sight.

Bullied – Anysea Strickland 10, 5th Grade
A drama about girls and bullying.

The Haunted House – Ailen Correa, 10, 5th Grade
Four friends have a scary adventure in a haunted house.

The Golden Cone – Amari Cole, 11, 6th Grade
Four friends save the town’s prized possession.

Leave Me Alone – Aiyana Farquharson, 11, 6th Grade
The bickering siblings must work together to find their mom.

Battletron NX3 – Rowan Moss, 11, 6th Grade
Two kids play a video game on the wrong console and strange things happen.

Bank Robbery – Daisy Suarez-Garcia, 12, 7th Grade
It doesn’t take a genius to attempt to rob a bank.

Lost and Found – Qemamu Reddick, 12, 7th grade
A girl meets an old man and finds out that they have a lot more in common than expected.


Three Wandering Friends
Narrator – Jay Wazelle
Dane – Ken Grace
Stella – MaryBeth Wells
Cara – Bridgett Hager
Old Rich Man – Jim Moss
Apple Seller – John Durbin

The Haunted House
Narrator – Jay Wazelle
Brooklyn – Alexa Sheppard
Simba – Nick Knetze
Nyonyose – Rehema Bilali
Clark – Jim Moss

Lost and Found
Narrator – Ken Grace
Ashanti – Carlee Soto
Calvin – Jay Wazelle

The Golden Cone
Narrator – Jim Moss
Tyler – Jay Wazelle
Stacy – Mary Beth Wells
Steve – Nick Knetze
Amani – Alexa Sheppard
Mayor – John Durbin


Leave Me Alone
Narrator – MaryBeth Wells
Cheese Puff – Rehema Bilali
Niyah – Alexa Sheppard
Kyla – Bridgett Hager
Lenna (Ma) – Carlee Soto

Bank Robbery
Narrator – Jay Wazelle
Illani – Rehema Bilali
Marvin – John Durbin
Stuart – Nick Knetze
Nicole –MaryBeth Wells

Narrator – Ken Grace
Mya – Alexa Sheppard
Daja – Bridgett Hager
Amiyah – Rehema Bilali
Mr. Scott – Jim Moss

Battletron NX 3
Narrator – John Durbin
Harrison – Nick Knetze
Jake – Ken Grace
Game Voice – Carlee Soto
Zombie 1 – Jim Moss
Zombie 2 – Alexa Sheppard
Mom – Bridgett Hager