kid created. adult performed.

April 29-30, 2017
Saturday 3pm | Sunday 7pm
Tickets $10

Directed by Leo Salerno | Youth Director Maggie Gamson
Produced by Deb Kelley and Jim Russell

Judges: Luana Mitten, Matthew Belopavlovich, Shaun Rice, Nicole Lauren

Carrollwood Players Theatre invited budding young playwrights to submit new, original short plays for our second annual youth playwriting challenge. KIDSPEAK brings the imagination of children to life as eight short plays receive their world premiere with a cast of adult actors in the CWP Black Box.

Your vote counts!  One young playwright will be announced as the winner, with two runners-up, at the close of last performance, based upon audience and judges’ vote and will receive a trophy.

Monique Brown
Travis Byington
Heather Clark
Larry Corwin
Gemma Davimes
Kenneth Grace
Cinda Goeken
Casper Hignite
Jacob Mohr
Jim Moss
Dale Noss
Alexa Sheppard
Carlee Soto
Petra Sussman

Plays Selected for KIDSPEAK 2.0 Playwriting Competition

Adam and I Til Dawn

Play summary: Dawn is walking home from dance practice and runs into a neighbor she doesn’t recognize – Adam.

Jada H.
Age 12

“Jada H. was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and likes doing things such as: dancing, singing, acting, reading, eating, writing stories, sewing, and many other things.”


Play summary: Two children are grounded, but want to go out. What will happen?

Jaiden B.
Age 11

“Jaiden was born in Fort Myers, Florida and moved to Tampa at the age of three. She grew up with seven siblings, three on her mom’s side and four on her dad’s side. She was the second oldest of them all. She is thirteen years old and after college, she dreams of becoming a veterinarian and even owning her own vet.  Jaiden is excited to take part of this opportunity at Carrollwood Player Theatre.

Donnie and His Conscience

Play summary: Donnie must face a bully at school, but first he has to deal with the bully in his head.

Yasmin S.
Age 11

“Yasmin was born in Brandon, Florida but she lives in Tampa, Florida. She has one brother, Dylan, and a dog, Toby. She is fourteen years old and she enjoys learning about science and playing music in band. After college, she wants to be a software developer for a large company. Yasmin is excited to take part in this Carrollwood Players Theatre event.”

My Next Door Neighbor

Play summary: Two students who recently immigrated to the US must pass an English test.

Aryanna G.
Age 10

“Aryanna G. is 10 years old. She lives with her two younger sisters and my parents. She was born and raised in Tampa, but she loves visiting Puerto Rico to see family. She grew up learning English as well as Spanish. Her favorite basketball team is Miami Heat. This is her first time writing a play. She is thrilled to be taking part in this wonderful journey at Carrollwood Players Theatre.”

Robot Dog’s Plan

Play summary: A Robot Dog hatches a plan to save animals that have been kidnapped.

Antony, Gian & Stefan S.
Ages 9

“Antony, Gian and Stefan are 9 year old triplets who have been in theater since their first performance at 6 years old in Winnie the Pooh. They were on stage last year in 101 Dalmatians and are slated to perform in the upcoming musical, Flat Stanley. They  also play guitar and are interested in sports, art and cooking!”

The Book Spell

Play summary: A Grandmother is in a spell and loses her voice.

Gabrielle O.
Age 10

“Gabrielle was born on December, 30, 2004 and has an identical twin – Rachelle. Gabrielle’s favorite subject in school is History because she gets to know how the world was like,and what our world had to go through to get to where they are now.”

The Rumors

Play summary: A high school drama about real friendship and kindness.

Zandra B.
Age 11

“Zandra was born in Evergreen, Alabama, and she lived there with her her mother, sister, and her nephew. At the age of eight, Zandra moved to Tampa, Florida to live with her older brother. She is now thirteen years old and enjoys learning about mathematics, language arts, sports, and drama. After college, Zandra hopes to become an accountant. Zandra is super excited to take part in this opportunity at Carrollwood Players Theatre.”

The Seven Habit Dilemma

Play summary: Our main character, Ilyana, goes to her friends, instead of adults, with her problems.

Ilyana W.
Age 11

“I am Ilyana W., the main character of the script. All these people in the cast are real, and some of my closest friends. They all helped me a lot to get this done. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock (the new TV show) and almost anything bookish. I am a complete and total nerd. I am in in a family of 8 and the youngest. I have a pet cat and parrot.”