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Fret Not!

by Marc Sanders Having performed, directed, produced and written for Carrollwood Players since 1993, I can honestly say that auditioning for the latest up and coming play has never been a familiar experience for me.The fact is, what I’ve experienced before with past auditions is not necessarily going to work to my advantage the next […]

How I Survived Joining Carrollwood Players

by Jen Martin “How do I join?” – I hear this question fairly often about Carrollwood Players. For some reason, community theaters sometimes seem to have an air of exclusivity and mystery when it comes to their players. I’d like to take this opportunity to dispel a few myths while telling the story of how […]

Try This On For Size

by Jim Russell Have you ever seen that really funny TV show called “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” If you haven’t, you may not know how much fun it can be to watch a group of extremely witty and quick thinking actors make up comedy on the spot, with no script, no preparation, and no […]

Why Community Theatre?

by Eric Misener It’s 2014. The cable guide includes channels in the thousands. There is a device, which I can carry around, on which I am able to talk to and see my brother and his daughters in New Jersey, in real time. I can watch movies and television shows any time I want, virtually […]