Arnie and the Itch

August 3-11, 2018

Written by Marc S. Sanders

Thanksgiving has become demanding on the Solan family. Not only is there the traditional holiday to prepare for, but there’s also a Bar Mitzvah for young Arnie coming up. With all this on the mind of his over bearing Grandmother Edith, Arnie will somehow have to endure a tortuous 3 piece suit, court his first crush, and help his older brother avoid the wrath of Grandma when a precious high school graduation ring goes missing in a very unusual way. This coming of age story was loosely inspired by the experiences of its playwright, Marc S. Sanders, to depict the love, conflict and craziness of a caring Jewish family, living in Fair Lawn, NJ, 1985.


Arnie: Sawyer Spiegel
Edith: Joie Marsh
Jack: Thomas Pahl
Todd: Charles Davidson
Evelyn: Arlene Babcock
Robert: Blake Smallen
Missy: Temia Innamorato
Granny Fran: Judi Turner