Carrollwood Players Theatre proudly presents Applause

We believe that volunteers are the foundation of our theatre, and we recognize that the number one reason people volunteer is for the personal sense of reward and satisfaction that comes with playing a role in making the magic of theatre possible.

However, we also believe that our valued volunteers should be recognized and rewarded for their hard work. And that’s why we created Applause.

While no trinket, trophy or plaque can ever replace the deep personal appreciation we have for our volunteers, Applause is a fun way for you to receive the appreciation you deserve as a CWP volunteer.

“What is Applause and How Does it Work?”

Applause is Carrollwood Players Theatre’s Volunteer Appreciation Program.

When you volunteer, we ask you to record your hours on a log sheet.
As your hours grow, you achieve advancing volunteer “levels”.
Each new level comes with rewards and recognition.
In addition to the “levels”, there are monthly drawings for our volunteers.
There are also several very special awards given at our annual volunteer appreciation party.
And more!

Volunteer Appreciation Levels and Rewards:

Record your hours on a log sheet and achieve new levels as your hours increase. In addition to advancing through the levels, you also earn perks and rewards along the way.

New Volunteer: 20 Non-Acting Hours

  • CWP Bookmark
  • $3 Concessions Voucher

Returning Volunteer: 40 Non-Acting Hours

  • CWP T-Shirt
  • $3 Concessions Voucher

Regular Volunteer: 75 Non-Acting Hours

  • 2 Complimentary Tickets to any CWP Black Box Performance
  • $6 Concessions Voucher

Bronze Volunteer: 125 Non-Acting Hours

  • 2 Complimentary Tickets to any CWP Performance
  • $8 Concessions Voucher

Silver Volunteer: 250 Non-Acting Hours

  • 4 Complimentary Tickets to any CWP Performance
  • Personalized CWP “Volunteer” Name Badge
  • Invitation to Perform in the next Annual Volunteer Talent Show
  • $10 Concessions Voucher

Gold Volunteer: 400 Non-Acting Hours

  • Gold Volunteer Recognition Certificate
  • 4 Complimentary Tickets to any CWP Performance
  • Listing in Show Program Following Achievement of Status
  • Invitation to Perform in the next Annual Volunteer Talent Show
  • $10 Concessions Voucher
  • 1 Free Participating Membership to CWP (1 year membership)

Platinum Volunteer: 650 Non-Acting Hours

  • Platinum Volunteer Recognition Award
  • 1 Free “Six Pack” Season Ticket (current or next season – your choice)
  • Listing in Show Program Following Achievement of Status
  • Invitation to Perform in the next Annual Volunteer Talent Show
  • CWP Polo Shirt
  • 3 month free beverage pass (1 free beverage at any show attended using a regular paid ticket or the free season ticket. Includes wine and beer.)

Diamond Volunteer: 1,300 Non-Acting Hours

  • Engraved Diamond Volunteer Recognition Award
  • 1 Free “Nine Pack” Season Ticket (current or next season – your choice)
  • Listing in Show Program Following Achievement of Status
  • Invitation to Perform in the next Annual Volunteer Talent Show
  • CWP Windbreaker
  • 6 month free beverage pass (1 free beverage at any show attended using a regular paid ticket or the free season ticket. Includes wine and beer.)
  • Invitation with a Guest to Annual Diamond Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Lifetime Achievement Volunteer: 10,000 Non-Acting Hours

  • A Gala Luncheon or Dinner to Honor Lifetime Achievement Recipients
  • A Special Engraved Lifetime Achievement Award
  • A Special Gift from the Board of Directors
  • 2 Free “Nine Pack” Season Tickets (for recipient and named guest) (current or next season – your choice)
  • Full Page Article w/photo in a show program following achievement of status
  • 1 Free Lifetime Participating Membership to CWP (valid for life)
  • Invitation to Perform in That Year’s Annual Volunteer Talent Show
  • 1 Year free beverage and snack pass (1 free beverage and 1 free snack each for honoree and a guest at any show attended using a regular paid ticket or the free season tickets. Includes wine and beer.)

Why ‘non-acting’ hours?

We recognize, greatly appreciate and sincerely value the time and effort spent by our actors and performers who participate in shows. Performing is the “highlight” experience in community theatre, and indeed comes with many of its own unique forms of reward and recognition, including accolades in the media, standing ovations from an audience, and of course, the chance to receive a trophy at our annual Nancy Awards Gala. Performing is the “crème-de-la-crème” of all the volunteer opportunities at our theatre. This is why acting hours (hours spent in rehearsal or performance) don’t count towards the volunteer levels. However, they DO count for volunteer drawings! Read on!

Volunteer Appreciation Drawings:

Monthly Ticket Drawing – Every month, all approved volunteer log entries (including entries for acting hours) from the previous month will be placed into a drawing for two free tickets to ANY performance at Carrollwood Players Theatre.

Monthly Non-Actor Gift Card Drawing – Every month, the top 5 volunteers by total non-acting hours from the previous month will be entered into a drawing for a retail or dining gift card.

Monthly Actor Gift Card Drawing – Every month, all actors who were in rehearsal or performance for at least two weeks during the previous month, did not resign from or get removed from their show, and are actively participating in recording their hours, will be entered into a drawing for a retail or dining gift card.

Periodic SMILE Drawings – Carrollwood Players Board Members have in their possession a supply of very special “smile cards” that they may give to any volunteer (including actors and performers) at any time to acknowledge an unusually special effort or accomplishment, such as a specific tangible achievement, exceptional handling of a difficult, challenging or unpleasant situation or task, going above and beyond the call of duty, etc. Volunteers who have received smile cards will be invited to submit them as entries in periodic special drawings for very special prizes.

Annual Volunteer Awards:

Volunteer SUPERlative Awards – These are fun awards given at the annual volunteer appreciation party. Examples might include awards like: “Most likely to sleep at the theatre”, “Most likely to paint herself instead of the set.” “Most likely to fall off a floor,” “Best Licker” (for mailing campaigns) “Best Liker” (for exceptional use of social media to help get the word out about CWP)

Standing Ovation Award – Given at the annual volunteer appreciation party to still-active volunteers who have completed 15 or more years of regular, active involvement with Carrollwood Players.

Volunteer of the Year Award – An award given at the annual volunteer appreciation party. Selected by the Board of Directors to recognize one exceptional volunteer who, regardless of total hours, has made an exceptional and extraordinary positive impact on Carrollwood Players Theatre.

Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party – Held each December, the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party will provide all volunteers the opportunity to enjoy complimentary food, drinks, entertainment and fun. A variety of volunteer awards will be presented at this event.

Annual Volunteer Talent Show – Held each August, the Annual Volunteer Talent Show will allow all volunteers who have reached a minimum of Silver Volunteer status to have the opportunity to perform a family-friendly act of their choosing. (i.e. acting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, magic, comedy, juggling, poetry, mime, storytelling, etc.)

“I’m not interested in recording my hours on a log sheet. I’m not in this for prizes.”

We know that most people volunteer because they sincerely just want to help and aren’t looking for anything in return beyond knowing they made a positive difference. So we’ll be honest with you. Recording your hours on a log sheet is going to specifically help CWP qualify for grants that can help our theatre grow and continue to prosper. Is that why we are offering rewards and trophies? Not at all. This program is from the heart, just as your service is. But we’re not just asking for volunteers to record hours for the fun of it.

“I volunteered a lot before this program started. Will those hours be counted?”

Unfortunately, there is no way to retroactively count past hours, because they weren’t recorded. However, any volunteer who has been actively volunteering at CWP for at least one year, and completes our online volunteer registration form, will receive a one-time offer from the volunteer committee to be “grandfathered” in as a bronze level volunteer with 125 hours earned, and will be able to begin receiving rewards at achievement of their next level. (You do not have to accept this offer. You might want to start at the beginning and advance through all the levels and earn those rewards. It’s your choice.)

“OK. I’m IN. How do I get started ?”

Getting started is easy! We are asking all volunteers, new and existing, to complete our online volunteer registration form. This will ensure that we have your current and correct contact information, and you will also have the chance to tell us more about your volunteering interests and your specific talents!

Then, all you have to do is START RECORDING YOUR HOURS!

Recording hours is simple:

  1. Look for the “Big Red Book” in the green room at the theatre. This is where each volunteer keeps his or her own log sheet. (Blank sheets are available – just write your name on one!)
  2. Each time you give hours, record them on your log sheet. We ask that you do this as promptly as possible (no later than one week after working the hours, or by the end of the month, whichever comes first.)
  3. Ask the Board Member, Producer, Stage Manager or Committee Chairperson who is in charge of the project you worked on to approve your entry.
  4. Entries must be accurate, not guessed, and must be rounded to the nearest quarter hour. All time entries must end with :00, :15, :30, or :45.
  5. Enter one work session as one entry, even if you worked on different things during that session.
  6. Neither the log book or your log sheet may be removed from the green room at any time!

That’s it!

“That is too simple. There must be more details.”

Yes, there are! If you wish to read the full rules of the program, read on. Or, register now and let the fun begin!

Carrollwood Players Theatre Applause Volunteer Reward and Recognition Program

Rules and Details

  1. This program will commence on November 1, 2015.
  2. Participation is not mandatory.
  3. Volunteer hours worked prior to the beginning of this program cannot be applied retroactively (because they were not recorded and tracked)
  4. Only non-acting hours count towards achieving status levels and receiving the rewards associated with them
  5. Actors are eligible for monthly actor drawings and smile drawings.
  6. Acting hours are defined as any hours completed by a performer in a rehearsal or performance, from arrival time until departure time.
  7. All other hours are considered non-acting hours.
  8. Paid talent and staff may not record volunteer hours for paid work: (i.e. paid directors, paid musical directors, paid choreographers, paid stage managers, paid performers, etc.) unless they are contributing extra work outside of the responsibilities of their paid position (i.e. a paid director sewing costumes, a paid musical director building props, a choreographer painting the set, etc.)
  9. At the outset of the program only, volunteers (including actors) who have been regularly volunteering at CWP for at least one year will be given a one-time only option to be “grandfathered in” at the “Bronze Volunteer” level, so that they do not have to start at the very beginning.
  10. While this option allows them to begin the program at “Bronze Volunteer” level, they will not receive the rewards for that level as part of this one-time offer. They will begin receiving the rewards portion of the program when achieving their next level (“Silver Volunteer”)
  11. Some volunteers may choose not to take this option, so they can earn the rewards associated with all of the levels, starting at the beginning.
  12. Volunteers will be responsible for accurately entering all hours on their log sheet (estimating/guessing is not acceptable), kept in a binder in the green room at the theatre.
  13. Log sheets must remain in the binder, and may never be taken home.
  14. The binder is to remain in the green room at all times.
  15. Hours should be recorded on the day they were worked whenever possible. The deadline for recording hours is no later than one week after they were worked, or the end of the month, whichever comes first.
  16. Hours should be “signed off”/approved by a board member or other approved project manager as soon as possible, but must be approved no later than two weeks after they were worked, or the end of the month, whichever comes first.
  17. Volunteers must record their own hours on their log sheet.
  18. No person except board members or other approved project managers may record hours for another person.
  19. Unapproved hours or hours recorded not in accordance with the deadlines and policies listed here will be discarded.
  20. Incomplete log entries will be discarded.
  21. Volunteers who are completing work off-site must record their hours following the policies above and if unable to record hours by the deadline, should ask a board member or an approved project manager to record and approve the hours for them.
  22. Ultimately, it is each volunteer’s responsibility to see that his or her hours are recorded according to the policies listed here.
  23. Volunteers are asked to round up or down to the nearest quarter hour when recording their hours. All times entered should end with :00, :15, :30 or :45.
  24. Each log entry must represent an overall “shift.” For example, if a volunteer works on set building for 4 hours on a Saturday, that is one entry, not five individual entries for each thing they worked on during that work session. This is important, as log entries will count as entries in monthly reward drawings.
  25. All volunteer hours worked, whether on-site, virtual, or off-site, must be associated with a project that is either considered “generally approved” or “specifically approved.”
  26. Examples of projects considered to always be “generally approved” include rehearsing at an official production rehearsal, performing in a show, working front of house, participating in a set build day, volunteering at an event, participating in a theatre-organized work day, working crew, running lights or sound, working on costumes or props for a specific show, attending a committee meeting or completing specific work authorized or assigned by a committee, and working box office.
  27. Projects that are not considered “generally approved” must be “specifically approved” in advance by a board member or approved project manager.
  28. Examples of projects that must be “specifically approved” in advance by a board member or approved project manager include, but are not limited to, doing research, writing a script, working on a proposal for a project or show, working on a proposal to the board, or any other “not generally approved” project that you make the decision to undertake as an individual without consulting a board member or approved project manager in advance. Volunteers may not “make up” projects to earn hours without first consulting an authorized CWP leader.
  29. In rare cases only, a board member ONLY may use his or her good judgment to retroactively approve hours that were worked on a project that was neither “generally approved” or “specifically approved” if the resulting work ultimately proves to be beneficial to CWP.
  30. Some Carrollwood Players related activities will be considered NEVER eligible for volunteer hours. Examples include, but are not limited to, attending a performance as a non-working audience member, auditioning for a show, attending a board meeting as an observer, attending the Annual General Meeting, participating in a cast party, spending time buying/making show gifts, running lines, songs or choreography or practicing for your part outside of official rehearsals, reading the script for a show you are cast in, etc.
  31. Volunteers who have any question or doubt about whether or not hours would be eligible for this program are responsible for consulting with and/or gaining approval from a board member or approved project manager in advance.
  32. Board members and approved project managers have the authority and responsibility to use their good judgment to only approve hours in accordance with these rules.
  33. Board members and other “approvers” must not approve hours that are unfairly excessive. For example, a volunteer shouldn’t be allowed to claim 4 hours for ironing one shirt.
  34. Board members are not required to have a signature approval for their own log entries, but their entries will be periodically reviewed by the volunteer committee for accuracy/legitimacy/fairness.
  35. Board member hours count towards achieving status levels, but current board members are not eligible to receive any monetary reward items or to be entered into any reward drawings.
  36. CWP Membership is not required to participate in this program.
  37. Complimentary show tickets are subject to seat availability and may be limited to certain performance dates at the discretion of the Box Office Manager and the Volunteer Committee.
  38. If a specific reward or prize is not available, the Volunteer Committee reserves the right to substitute a similar reward or prize of approximate equal value.
  39. Participation in this program constitutes full acceptance of and agreement with the rules.
  40. The Board of Directors, or its designated Volunteer Committee, may, at any time, revise and/or discontinue this program, with or without notice.
  41. The Carrollwood Players Board of Directors will have the final say regarding any disputes arising in connection with this program.

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