A Thousand Clowns Staged Reading
Written by Herb Gardner

Directed by Joshua Sussman | Produced by Jim Russell

Friday, May 26th, 8 pm – Saturday, May 27th, 8 pm

This benchmark of Broadway comedy produced one of the theatre’s most beloved roles: unconventional Murray, uncle to precocious nephew, Nick. Tired of writing cheap comedy gags for “Chipper the Chipmunk”, a children’s television star, Murray finds himself unemployed with plenty of free time with which to pursue his…pursuits. Lectured by his conventional brother Arnold and hounded by “the system”, Murray is paid a visit by bickering, uptight social workers, Sandra and Albert, and finds himself solving their problems as well as most of his own. Filled with laughter, warmth and inspired daffiness. A quintessential New York comedy.


Jason Hoolihan will play Murray Burns
Seth Black-Diamond will play Nick Burns
Sam Burke will play Albert Amundson
Gemma Davimes will play Sandra Berkowitz
Dave Snider will play Arnold Burns
Dale Noss will play Leo Herman